Saturday, 17 August 2013

Today's new buys

Today's new buys

Today I decided to pop into town and obviously I found some things I just couldn't leave behind. Most of these things have had very good reviews and so I decided to try them out for myself. So without further ado, here are today's new buys!

The first thing I did was go into House of Fraser. If you don't know what that is it's basically just a big store where they sell all different brands of make-up, clothing and home ware and it's so lovely in there. Everyone is so helpful and so friendly to talk to. While I was in there I took a look at the Clinique stand and saw their anti-blemish liquid foundation. Now, at the moment my skin isn't too good but I don't feel confident enough to not wear any make-up so when I saw this I thought I NEED TO HAVE IT haha! It was £24 which is quite expensive for a foundation but it's supposed to clear and prevent blemishes so I thought I would give it a try and tell you guys what I thought about it!

Then I went into superdrug which is just your average drug store. In there I saw that Revlon were having a 2 for £10 offer an all lip, nail and mascara products and so I picked up 2 of the Revlon lip butters (which I've been hearing such great things about) in the 2 most popular colours 015- tutti frutti and 053- sorbet. So far I've only tried tutti frutti but I already love it! It's so moisturising and such a lovely colour! I'll write another blog post on what I think if it in the long term soon. Whilst I was in there, I also saw that BarryM were having a 2 for £6 on their nail polishes I decided to buy 2 more of their Gelly Hi-shine nail paints in the colours blueberry and papaya. I then went over to the sleek stand and bought a new blush because mine had run out. I picked one up in the colour pomegranate because I hadn't tried that one before and was feeling rather adventurous! Then, I picked up my favourite bronzer, Bourjois chocolate bronzer and left deciding that I had probably bought more than I needed!

I'll write more blog posts reviewing these products for you and If you'd like to know how I get on with them be sure to follow me on here and also my instagram and twitter (my links are on the page 'come say hi'). Thank you for reading and if there are any posts you would like me do make sure to comment them blow!
Love you all