Friday, 16 August 2013

My everyday make-up look

My Everyday make-up look.

This is my everyday make-up look which I do for school and on days when I don't really need a lot of make-up. In this blog post i'll take you through all the products I use, how much they are and review them for you. So let's go!

1. Moisturizer- £11.99 L'Oreal Revitalift- obviously I know I don't need an anti-wrinkle cream just yet, as i'm only 15, but it's a really good moisturizer, sinks in almost instantly and makes your skin so smooth. For it's price I think it's really good and would definitely recommend it.

2. Foundation- £6.99 Rimmel Lasting finish 25 hour- This is perfect for summer as it gives a good coverage but not a really heavy one. It also does what it says, stays on for 25 hours (maybe not that long, but it definitely stays put all day!). It's definitely a bargain as well, for only £7 it's really good and would again highly recommend this!

3. Bronzer- £6.99 Bourjois chocolate bronzer- I love this bronzer and have been buying it for so long now. I can't find a bronzer I like better than this (if you know of one make sure to comment bellow telling me!) and for it's price I don't think I will. It stays on so well and you don't need a large amount for it to show. Definitely another product I would recommend.

4. Eyebrows- £2.99 Rimmel eyebrow pencil- On a day were i'm rushing to get out of the door or just a normal school day, I really can't be bothered to fill in my eyebrows properly with an eye shadow and brush so I just use this pencil to quickly draw them on. It's not brilliant but for the price it's alright. I'm not going to recommend this because when i'm actually doing my make-up I will fill them in properly.

5. Mascara- £6.99 Rimmel scandaleyes lycra flex (I've just noticed I use a lot of rimmel products haha!)- I really, really like this. I think it gives your eyelashes really good length and volume which is what I want in a mascara. If you put on 2 coats then you get a lot of volume which is perfect for a night out look. I would suggest this to anyone who is either looking for an everyday mascara or a mascara that gives you a bit more volume.

So that is every product I use on a day to day basis! I hope this helped you pick some good products for a basic everyday make-up look. If you have any suggestion for products that you think are just as good or even better you'd like me to try out for you be sure to comment! Also, make sure to follow for more beauty and other kinds of posts! If you would like a tutorial of this look on youtube also, be sure to comment down bellow.
Thank you for reading, love you lots