Saturday, 26 October 2013

A quick catch up, Britain's got talent & Some advice

A quick catch up, Britain's got talent & Some advice

Hi guys, I know it's been forever since Iv'e written a new blog post but I've been so busy lately, so I thought i'd have a little catch up with you guys and try and give some advice. Since I last wrote a blog post, loads of different things have happened. 

First, I got given a lead role in my school production of 'We will rock you' which is super exiting. Last year we did 'Hairspray' and I was lucky enough to get the lead role of Tracy so this year I wasn't expecting anything brilliant this year, but I managed to get the role of Killer Queen. She's the really cool, evil character so i'm really exited to start rehearsing! Some advice I would give to anyone auditioning is;

1. Have fun and don't panic. If you don't get a part it doesn't matter, there's always next year, just enjoy yourself!

2. Act confident. Even if you don't feel it, act it! You seem more appealing to the judges if you seem like the audition doesn't faze you so act act act!

Secondly, me and my singing group, 'Dolce' (That's us in the picture!) auditioned for Britain's got talent and got through the first round! We haven't been told yet if we're going through to the televised audition, we should be told around February time so fingers crossed!

Lastly, I've had loads of exams and revision because it's my last year of GCSE's which really hasn't been fun but is really important. If I could give anybody one piece of advice while doing their exams it would be not to leave anything until the last minute because then you panic and freak out (I've learnt from experience guys!). Just make sure you stay focused and keep on top of everything, that doesn't mean you can't have a social life, it just means plan when you will do homework or revision and when you will go out. I promise, this really will help, honest.

Anyway, that's all for this blog post, be sure to follow and comment. Any ideas are welcome and I promise i'll be back to making beauty posts soon, I just thought a good catch up was needed.

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Love you guys