Monday, 19 August 2013

Skincare Musts

My skincare essentials.

Now, my skin has it's good and bad days but over all it's not too bad, so I thought today I would write a post on my favourite skincare products at the moment that really work for my skin and hopefully for yours too. I don't use any high-end products on a day to day basis, only if i'm having a really bad couple of days, so everything here is very much affordable for everyone but still works really, really well!

1. The first thing is a little bit boring but I really love them, Cotton wool pads. You're probably all thinking, there's nothing special about cotton wool pads but these are amazing. They're cheap from asda or wall-mart as Americans know it and they're about twice the size of normal cotton wool pads which means you only go through half as many which is always good!

2. The second thing is Clean & Clear deep action cream wash. I LIVE by this cream, it is sooooo good for anyone who suffers with really bad blemishes or blackheads or even anyone who just want to keep them away. My skin used to be really bad so I started using this and I instantly saw a difference. I'll do a full review of this another time or i'll end up just rambling on and on, haha! I apply this with the cotton wool pads.

3. The next thing is moisturiser. You can use any moisturiser that works for you, at the moment i'm using the Nivea Q10 plus day cream. I find that this makes my skin feel lovely and smooth so I've really been loving it. Another moisturiser I would recommend is the L'Oreal Revitalift which works just as well.

4. The last thing I don't do everyday but I try to do about 2 to 3 times a week to make sure my skin stays nice and smooth, face masks. My favourite face masks are the Montagne Jeunesse ones specifically the chocolate masque. It's so nice and refreshing and you can tell it's doing your skin the world of good.

So those are my all-time favourite skincare products. I hope this has helped some of you pick out some good products and thank you for reading! Make sure you follow for more posts on beauty fashion and lifestyle.
Love you all