Friday, 1 November 2013

Fall fashion 2013

Fall Fashion 2013

Fall is my favourite time of year, all the pretty colours of the leaves, Halloween and then of course Christmas. One of the things I love most is fall fashion and so I thought there would be nothing better to do than show you some of my fashion staples for this year. Enjoy!

1. Tartan- I love tartan, I think it's an easy way to add a little something to an outfit. You don't have to go quite as full out as the picture above but adding a scarf or a jacket can make a great outfit even better!

2. Leather- I love leather at the moment, whether it be a jacket, a leather-look skirt or top, I think it just makes an outfit look sophisticated and is the perfect way to dress up a casual outfit for the evening or even work.

3. Maroon and berry shades- I think these are perfect colours for autumn winter/ fall. Dresses, skirts, tops, jumpers, anything in this colour is so cute and perfect for this time of the year. You don't have to have clothes these shades, nail polishes are gorgeous and finish an outfit perfectly and also adding these warm autumnal shades to your make-up bag can make you look flawless in the winter months.

4. Layering- I love jumpers and warm cosy cardigans because I can't stand being cold. This is why layering is the best in the winter months, it's fashionable and still cosy at the the same time. I like layering dresses, tights, socks, boots and jumpers or cosy cardigans. I think these kind of outfits look so cute and girly, add a jacket and a snood and you're ready to go!

5. Ankle boots- I love boots, I think they're so comfortable but also warm and fashionable too. I think paired with some frilly socks and a dress or skirt they can make an outfit look super feminine and they're practical when it starts to snow and rain so your feet don't get cold and wet!

So these are my autumn winter/ fall staples. I hope these have given you some inspirations for some cute outfits this fall! Be sure to send me any pictures or comment your favourite bits from this post. Make sure you follow for more posts!
Love you all